Health Insurance

The Kentucky Construction Insurance Trust (KCIT)

For the past forty-five plus years, Builders Exchange of Kentucky has been a proud sponsor of the Kentucky Construction Industry Trust (KCIT)

KCIT leverages the unparalleled purchasing power of the construction industry to procure comprehensive high quality employee benefits to protect, reward and retain Kentucky’s construction industry workforce. Approximately 500 construction employers representing 7,000+ employees currently participate in KCIT.

KCIT provides proprietary pricing for group health, life, disability, dental and vision insurance.

Employers participating in KCIT achieve many competitive advantages including…..

  • Employees who understand, value, and appreciate all the benefits they are provided.
  • Plans that are easy to administer.
  • Plans that are compliant.
  • Lower premiums

With offices in Louisville and Lexington, Bim Group exclusively serves Builders Exchange of Kentucky members with comprehensive consulting and brokerage services.

If you are interested in details of the employee benefit plans or in receiving a KCIT quote, please contact Karen Day as noted below.

Karen Day, Benefit Consultant / 502-339-7980

Health Plans

  • A variety of Anthem plans to suit your needs
  • Dual choice programs allowing employees to select between a combination of plans
  • Health Savings Account plans
  • IRIS care management program included. This feature monitors your medical and prescription usage, checking for conflicting treatments and offering case management where indicated
  • Wellness program designed to target risks and provide guidance; potentially lowering long term claims costs and premiums

Dental Plans

  • Plans available through Delta Dental and Anthem
  • Statewide provider networks
  • Orthodontia available (group size minimums may apply)

Life Plans

  • Group term life available through Anthem and Assurant
  • Benefits may be offered in a flat dollar amount, classed out by job title or based on a factor of earnings
  • Various guaranteed issue limits available based on group size

Disability Plans

  • Plans available through Anthem and Assurant
  • Long and short term plan designs offering income protection

Prevailing Wage Plans

  • Qualified Anthem plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of the employer who is working prevailing wage jobs